Curried Butternut & Peach Gazpacho

Bright & creamy gazpacho to serve chilled!

I've been saving the butternut squash I've been getting in my CSA from  Green Gate Farms to make a big batch of gazpacho. I guess technically just a cold soup, this curried creation has the bright, tartness of lemon and tons of fresh garlic. 

Curried Butternut & Peach Gazpacho

Serves 4




1 medium red onion, diced
6 cloves garlic, minced
3 tbsp butter
1 tbsp garam masala
4 small butternut squash, medium dice
1 peach, small dice
juice of 1 lemon
1 cup water
2 cups stock, vegetable or chicken
4 tbsp full fat Greek yogurt
chives to garnish


In a medium over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the onion and garlic and cook until onion is translucent and soft. Add the garam masala and stir to coat the aromatics. Add the butternut squash and peach and stir to coat.

Reduce heat to low and stir occasionally, letting the squash begin to caramelize. deglaze the pan with the lemon juice, scraping up any bits stuck to the pan. Add the water and stock. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and allow to cook until the squash is tender. 

Allow to cool. Place in a blender or food processor. Serve in 4 chilled bowls. Top with yogurt and chives.