Name *
How many people will be requiring meals?
Are you or anyone in your family following a special diet plan?
Do you have any medical conditions that should be addressed when planning your menus?
Do you or any members of your family have any food allergies or sensitivities?
What sort of menu would you prefer?
Please list your favorite meats and how often per week you enjoy eating them.
Light or dark?
Which do you prefer when eating chicken or turkey?
Are there any foods, herbs and spices you dislike?
How many times per week do you enjoy seafood?
Do you enjoy vegetarian food? If so, how many times per month?
How many times per week do you enjoy soup?
How many times per week do you enjoy pasta as an entrée?
Wine/Liquor *
May I cook with wine and liquor?
Cuisines *
Please check your favorite types of cuisine
Spice Scale *
Where do your tastes fall on the spicy scale?
Red Meat *
How do you like your steak cooked?
Please tell me what your favorite restaurants in Austin are, especially if they reflect the type of cuisine you'd like prepared in your home.
Fresh or Frozen *
Would you prefer a once a week frozen service or a multi-weekly fresh service?
If you would prefer frozen service, do you have adequate freezer space for 5 entrees? (about 2 cubic feet)
Gas/Electric *
Is your stove/oven gas or electric?
Please choose from the below menu plans: (Groceries Not Included)
Fresh means I will come to your house more often to prepare the number of meals you require. Frozen means I will come once per week and fill your freezer with delicious microwave or oven-ready meals.
Add-ons *
Which add-ons would you prefer?
How many meals per day?